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Infinity Toernooi - Operation Ice Giant, 25 januari 2020

Infinity Toernooi - Operation Ice Giant, 25 januari 2020

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 Infinity Toernooi - Operation Ice Giant, 25 januari 2020

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Operation: Ice Giant
Iceland, Earth
The Space Ship Teutonic has crashed on Iceland. It was transporting highly experimental “Agricultural tools and supplies”. Highly valued by the whole of the Human Sphere. In this rough and cold environment during winter, it is advised to send “Heavy Equipment” to bring back the lost “Agricultural tools and supplies”. your first mission is to control the Quadrant and get your bearings on where the lost equipment is. Then, Unmask the Undercover agent who knows more about the "Agricultural Tools and Supplies". The Thirth and final mission will be made clear ones you succeeded in mission one and two. Good luck Commander
cost of entry: € 7,00 (payed before 26th of January) or € 9,50 (on the day)
cost of entry incl incl. 1 drink
Check in: 10:30
start first round: 11:00
Pricesupport: ITS 11 Tournament pack
rules: ITS 11, 300 points, chess clock
Special Operations: Tactical Window
These missions will be training for Furor Teutonicus 2020:
Mission 1: Quadrant Control
Mission 2: Unmasking
Mission 3: Custom
ITS registration:
Lottery Tickets for joining Dutch ITS events:
Participating in the Tournament will give you 1 lottery ticket. Bonus tickets can be won (For example: Ending last will give you 1 extra bonus ticket). By the end of the season their will be a lotery for cool prizes.
Pairing first round:
We try to face people off who are roughly on the same skill level. Either by ELO or last best ranking during a tournament. So that veterans face each other and beginners will be facing each other. Check the latest ranking on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fn5iEtUa4CkbtUYtWTfLnYLIeEZf1I7y_0I26yhADGw/edit?usp=sharing
Chess Clock:
Download the app.
one round will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. So we split it up per player (52 minutes and 30 seconds) and that is the time you have to deploy and play 3 turns. If your time is up, the turn will go to your opponent if he/she has still turns to play conform the ITS rules.
It is not allowed to bring and consume your own consumptions to the shop. their are candybars, sandwiches and drinks for sale for a fair price.
Tips voor sneller spel:
- Regel je orders en tokens in de tijd van je tegenstander.
- Zorg dat je al je minis al paraat uit de tas hebt op het moment van deployen.
Vergeet niet om de benodigde tokens mee te nemen. Mocht je een tafel aan terrein hebt die je mee kan nemen neem dan even contact met mij op of zet het bij je aanmelding. Terrein is de limiteren de factor voor het aantal deelnemers dus wanneer er meer mensen zijn kunnen we dan uitbreiden.