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Infinity Toernooi Operation Artificial Depth - 14 juli 2019

Infinity Toernooi Operation Artificial Depth - 14 juli 2019

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 Infinity Toernooi Operation Artificial Depth - 14 juli 2019

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Operation: Artificial Depth
After the Kurage Crisis Campaign, the Aleph has placed an AI Node in a abandoned Thesseum Mining Facility. This mine is in a secret location in the Tartary Mountains on the main continent of Dawn. 0-12 International Courts have judged it Illegal for Aleph to place such nodes on Dawn. Currently it is being dismantled, but it is slow going in such harsh terrain. Which is an opportunity for other factions to get valuable intel. Mission 1 is to ambush the transports and get valuable intel from the node parts. It is not easy to find the interlocked parts, but you will have to manage on the spot. Mission 2 is to "rescue" scientists that are hold up there. Apparently during the construction, Aleph has taken "hostages" to influence powers to make them turn a blind eye towards their building project. Time to get them out of there. But make sure you go in hard and fast and get out on time! Our Intelligence has informed us that Ariadna had planned to chemical bomb the mine shafts. After the two missions are completed, fresh air will be your main goal. Good Luck!
cost of entry: € 7,00 (payed in advance) or € 9,50 (payment after 8 july)
cost of entry incl incl. 1 drink
Check in: 11:00
start first round: 11:30
Pricesupport: ITS 10 Tournament pack
rules: ITS 10, 300 points, chess clock
Special Operations: Soldiers of Fortune
Register on ITS: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/8703c8a23-infinity-tournament-operation-artificial-depth
Mission 1: Tic-Tac-Toe
Mission 2: Prison Escape, a custom mission!
Mission 3: Custom - Biotechvore
custom rules: Biotechvore Area activates after the first round.
Pairing first round:
We try to face people off who are roughly on the same skill level. Either by ELO or last best ranking during a tournament. So that veterans face each other and beginners will be facing each other. Check the latest ranking on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fn5iEtUa4CkbtUYtWTfLnYLIeEZf1I7y_0I26yhADGw/edit?usp=sharing

Chess Clock:
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1 mission duurt 1 uur en 45 minuten en iedere speler krijgt 52 minuten en 30 seconden om deployment te voltooien en 3 beurten te spelen. Is je tijd om, dan gaat de beurt naar je tegenstander die door mag gaan tot zijn/haar tijd om is of alle beurten al gespeeld zijn conform de ITS regels.

Tips voor sneller spel:
- Regel je orders en tokens in de tijd van je tegenstander.
- Zorg dat je al je minis al paraat uit de tas hebt op het moment van deployen.

Vergeet niet om de benodigde tokens mee te nemen. Mocht je een tafel aan terrein hebt die je mee kan nemen neem dan even contact met mij op of zet het bij je aanmelding. Terrein is de limiteren de factor voor het aantal deelnemers dus wanneer er meer mensen zijn kunnen we dan uitbreiden.

- In de winkel mogen geen eigen consumpties genuttigd worden. Er zijn candybars, warme broodjes en drinken aanwezig tegen redelijke prijzen.